2018 11 24-25 Vilnius - WORLD cat show

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Breed show (2018-11-24):
Breed show (2018-11-25):

Participants of the exhibition will receive catalogue in PDF file via email. Printed catalogue can be requested in the entry form but it is subject to additional charge.

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Licence L# 184055        
Show date 2018 11 24-25        
Show place Business park "Gariunai", Gariunu st. 70 Vilnius    
Show judges:                       Mr. Pavel Rudov, Russia (AB, WCF)     

Anneliese Hackmann, Germany (AB & Representative WCF)

      Tatjana Cernova, Latvia (AB, WCF)

Cornelia Hungerecker, Germany (AB, WCF)

Aija Nuke, Latvia (SH, SOSH, WCF)

Dr. Pavel Rudov, Russia (AB, WCF)
More information: 
+370 600 82080


Show schedule:

2018-11-24 2018-11-25
07:00-08:30 Registration and vet. control 08:00-08:30 Registration and vet. control
08:30-08:45 Correction (10 €) 08:30-08:45 Correction (10 €)
09:00-17:00 Judging 09:00-17:00 Judging
09:00-09:30 WCF Alter ring 09:00-10:30 WCF Kitten ring 
09:30-10:30 Fun show: the most beautiful adult cat (III, IV, V cat. adults, except BRI) 10:30-11:00 WCF Alter Master ring 
10:30-12:30 WCF Adult ring 11:00-12:00 British LH+SH show
13:00-14:00 Fun show: the most beautiful tail (only I, II cat. adults, except BLH) 12:00-13:30 WCF Adult ring
14:00-15:30 WCF Kitten ring 14:00-14:30 WCF Kitten Master ring
16:00-16:30 Fun show: WCH and WPR show 14:30-15:30 WCF Adult Master ring
17:00-18:00 Fun show: the most playful kitten (3-10 months except BRI and BLH) 15:30-16:30 WCF Double Master ring
18:00-19:00 Best in show 16:30-17:00 WCF Triple Master ring
19:00-19:30 Best General 18:00-19:00 Best in show
    19:00-19:30 Best General, Best Supreme
Neuters and kittens can participate WCF Double Master and  WCF Triple Master rings
Exhibit cage dimensions: length 64 cm, width 48 cm, height 55 cm
Exhibitors are advised to take seats with them as they may lack seats on the show





Requirements for cats

1. Cats are allowed to participate only if they are at least 3 months old, vaccinated valid vaccination against rabies.  Rabbies vaccination must be done at least 21 day prior to the show and not older than the expiration date indicated by veterinarian. If expiration date of vaccine is not specified, then it is considered to be valid for the maximum of 1 year from the date of vaccination. The period of quarantine for 21 days is not applicable for timed boost.

2. Each cat must be identified by a microchip. Microchip number must match the number in registration form; otherwise the cat will not be accepted to take part in exhibition, no matter do veterinary control is passed.

3. Cat's owner should have an animal pet passport. Vaccination against rabies should be made after the identification of cat by microchip. Pet passport should fulfil at least one of below listed requirements (depends on country):

  • If cat lives in EU, then must be presented in EU confirmed form Pet passport;
  • If cat was born and lives in Lithuania, then could be applied an exception and could be presented EU pet passport OR veterinary vaccinations book;
  • If cat lives in non EU country, then must be presented EU passport or Pet passport AND veterinary doctor certificate with declaration.

4. Cats must be healthy, clean, without fleas, their nails must be trimmed.

5. Declawed cats are prohibited to participate in exhibition.

6. Pregnant and nursing cats are not allowed to participate in exhibition.

7. White cats must have veterinary certificate concerning ears test. Deaf cats are prohibited to participate in exhibition.

8. Only pedigreed cats can participate in exhibition, except domestic cats, participating in household pet class. Pedigreed cats must have their pedigrees or any other document, certifying their origin.

9. Domestic cats must be neutered/castrated.

10. Only cats registered in catalogue can participate in exhibition.

11. Veterinary inspection is obligatory for all cats. Exhibitor must show cats and vaccination cards during veterinary examination.

12. All cats belonging to the same participant can be removed from exhibition in case any of them is dismissed due to non-compliance with show rules.

13. Participants are forbidden to participate in exhibition in case they are late for veterinary control without any good cause.


Cat registration rules

1. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of full information about participating cat.

2. Participants are obliged to note the request to rent the cage from club in the entry form. Participants are fully responsible for cages and are obliged to return them to organizers after the exhibition.  

3. Following the successful completion of registration, web site will show visible notification that the form is sent to the club's administration. The data of registration form is forwarded to the participant to the indicated e-mail.

4. Each registration must be approved by the club's administration staff. Confirmation of successful registration and calculated participation fees will be sent to participant by the e-mail he/she provided in the registration form. The registration confirmation shall be sent only from e-mail show@belamur.lt .

5. Show managers have the right to reject any entry form. 

6. The organizers of the exhibition can stop registration to the exhibition at any stage of registration when the maximum number of participants is reached.

7. The residents of Lithuania must pay full participation fee to the association’s bank account on the dates indicated. If the participant refuses to participate in the exhibition, 80% of the fee amount will be refunded if participant informs not later than 1 day until exhibition. If participant informs about absence during the show or later, fee will not be refunded. Fee will be refunded within 10 business days from receipt of the request.

8.  The residents of Lithuania must pay full participation fee to the association’s bank account on the dates indicated. If the participant refuses to participate in the exhibition, 80% of the fee amount will be refunded if participant informs not later than 1 day until exhibition. If participant informs about absence during the show or later, fee will not be refunded. Fee will be refunded within 10 business days from receipt of the request.

9.  Participants must notify club's administration about the changes in registration until the stage of additional list. Administration is not obligated to include in to the catalogue any for further updates received later. Any further changes are made only in protocols of secretary. If participant does not notify club about the changes at least a day prior the exhibition, corrections will be charged by 10 EUR amount on the first day of exhibition.   

10.  All participants must pass registration procedure on both days. On the first day they must pay for exhibition (if pre-payment was not made), receive catalogue and exhibit numbers. Every participant is obliged to verify his data in catalogue and notify secretary in time if any errors are made. If participant does not to register cats in time on the second day of exhibition, his cats will be deleted from expertise protocols. No refund of the fee will be made.

11.  It is forbidden to keep free of charge kittens for sale in the cage with other cats. All kittens that participate in the show must be registered for catalogue advertising class and must have obligatory vet documents which allow them to be in the exhibition hall. 


Exhibition process

1. In case not enough cats are presented in one category, it may be merged with another category according to WCF rules.

2. Exhibition organizers have the right to change the judges of the exhibition and the exhibition schedule without prior notice.

3. Show secretary is assigning cats to the judges by its sole discretion and is no obliged to pay any attention to the wishes of participants. 

4. Cages must be equipped with the supplies of cat welfare: a small scratching post, toilet, water and food.

5. Cats must stay in cages until the time of diploma issue except judging, special shows and Best in Show.

6. Participant is obliged to bring cat to judging and shows by himself. Stewards show cats only in special shows and rings.

7. Participants are obliged to monitor the queue of the judge, which will be judging his cats. Cats not attended at the time of their judgement will be dismissed from expertise and shows.   

8. Aggressive cats are disqualified. Definition of “aggressive” is understood as “not being able to be examined by the judge”.  

9. Judge’s opinion is indisputable and is not a subject of any comments.

10. Instructions by stewards and show organizers are obligatory for all exhibitors. 

11. It is forbidden to sell cats' accessories or other items without organizers’ permission in written.

12. Participants agree to be pictured by photographer. Association "Belamuro katės" has a right to show pictures in association’s website and Facebook.  

13. Violation of Articles 9 and 11 can be sanctioned by elimination of participant‘s cats from expertise protocols and request to leave the exhibition hall.

14. At least one cat must be placed in single cage, at least two cats must be placed in double cage, etc



Stage II Additional list
till till
2018-11-12 21:00 2018-11-20 21:00
1 d. 2 d. 1 d. 2 d.
Judging 55 € 65 €
Breed/fun show (price per show) 10 € 12 €
Advertising class (price per kitten) 10 € 15 €
WCF ring 10 € 20 € 15 € 30 €
WCF Master, Double Master, Triple Master ring* 20 € 25 €
WCH and WPR show, Club cage rent, colour determination class, printed catalogue 5 € 5 €
Printed diplomas 2 €
1. Steward gets 100% discount for judging (from 16 years old; the number of stewards is limited).
2. From the 4th cat discount 5 €.
3. Alter cats 50% discount for judging and WCF Alter Master ring
4. All kittens of the same litter must be exhibited in one cage, not taking any extra space in exhibition.
5. At least one cat must be placed in single cage, at least two cats must be placed in double cage, etc.
6. 20% advance payment is mandatory to be paid before the end of the stage, otherwise the prices of the current stage will apply. The remaining amount of the participant's fee must be transfered to bank account not later than 2 22 th of November or paid in cash at the exhibition. Advance payment is not refundable.
7. Registered cat cannot be changed to the other cat (except from advertising class)
*8. Verification diploma must be sent until the end of registration