About us

The idea to establish new club in Lithuania was in mind for a few months. Finally, it materialized and 4 people, who are not only responsible and initiative, but also have a huge experience both in managing cat club and breeding cats, established association "Belamuro kates" in March, 2017. Supported by other breeders, founders will seek to educate society about felinology and to unite like-minded people.

SInce 2017-04-19 association is a patronage member of WCF. Club is patronised by a German club Deutsche Edelkatze e.V., under the direction of the president of WCF - Mrs. Anneliese Hackmann.


The Association has the following objectives of its activity:

  • To form phenological culture in Lithuania;
  • To seek to bred physically and mentally healthy cats that meet a variety of requirements of the standards;
  • To promote selfless phenological information change between association members;
  • To promote and encourage the spread of purebred cats and cat welfare ideas in the country;
  • To unite phenological enthusiasts and professionals.


Objectives of the Association:

  • Coordinate activities of association members, phenological enthusiasts and professionals;
  • Seek the best possible conditions for the development of the phenology;
  • To represent the interests of association members in Republic of Lithuania and abroad;
  • Provide methodological assistance to the Association members;
  • Propagate information about the Association and its members’ activities;
  • To cooperate with analogical and related associations or enterprises in the Republic of Lithuania and abroad.


The association performs the following functions to ensure its objectives:

  • Establishes cats breeding rules;
  • Issues documents confirming cattery name registrations, kitten pedigrees, title certificates;
  • Gives consultations for its members according phenological topics;
  • Organizes phenological events in Republic of Lithuania;
  • Prepares and distributes informational materials, booklets, magazines related with activities of the Association;
  • Communicates with public on association and its members’ behalf.